Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bibliography of videos about file-sharing, copyright, intellectual property and remix culture (Version 0.1)

The new media have changed how the works of art are both created and distributed. The computer as a convergent tool of production has lowered the barriers for creative expression through sampling, remixing, creating derivative works, translations,... and the process of distribution has been changed massively by the wide-spread internet and by near-zero price of copying and sharing digital files, ease of global spread and emerging sharing communities.

This bibliography of video content on the topic of sharing is a tool for researchers on these emergent forms of production and distribution in the new media. As all of this is happening within the frame of the global copyright regime the main subject happens to be copyright infringement in regards to cultural industries of music, movies and books publishing (production). The subject of copyright infringement overlaps with other topics such as new media production, user-generated content, participatory culture, remix, plunderphonics, demoscene... and all the ways how people created and distributed cultural works. The language of the videos is mostly English for now.

If you have any critique, additions, corrections,... just post a comment.


This bibliography covers:
A) Documentary movies and TV,
B) "Educational" anti-piracy video campaigns.

What it doesn't cover, yet (but would like to in the future):
C) Media representations of copyright infringement in the movies and tv.

I may revisit this very simple categorization if there is an abundance of  specific content or good suggestions. I maintain the list in reverse chronological order with a link to IMDB, trailer, full movie (where available) and a short annotation.

Bibliography of videos about sharing, copyright, intellectual property, remix culture

A) Documentary movies and TV series

Rewind This! (imdb, trailer)
In the 1980s, few pieces of home electronics did more to redefine popular culture than the videocassette recorder. With it, the film and television media were never the same as the former gained a valuable new revenue stream and popular penetration while the latter's business model was forever disrupted.

Downloaded (imdb, trailer)
A documentary that explores the downloading revolution; the kids that created it, the bands and the businesses that were affected by it, and its impact on the world at large. 

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard (imdb, trailer, full)
An intellectual freedoms documentary based around the interpersonal triumphs, and defeats of the three main characters against the largest industry in the known universe. The media industry.

Everything is a remix (2010-2012) (imdb, homepage, full)
Four-part documentary on the history and cultural significance of sampling and collaborative creation.

Copyright Criminals (imdb, trailer, full)
also broadcasted as Independent Lens: Copyright Criminals (s11e12) (imdb)
A documentary that examines the creative and commercial value of musical sampling.

RiP: A Remix Manifesto (imdb, trailer, full)
A documentary which examines copyright issues in the information age.

Steal This Film: A Trial Edition (web, full)
Steal This Film is a film series documenting the movement against intellectual property. A Trial Edition (also known as '2.5' or 'Spectrial' edition) was released to coincide with the trial in 2009 of The Pirate Bay. This version includes material from Steal This Film I and II combined with new interviews shot with Peter Sunde and others during 2008, some historical background about the Pirate Bay and Dutch printers (who were also considered pirates) as well as interview clips about the legal conflict itself.

No Copy (full)
This is the english version of the short flash movie for the book "No Copy". The book is written in German language and talks about Copyright, Warez and people and how the greedy media publishers try to squeeze every penny out of consumers and make those to criminals who do not pay up.

Good Copy Bad Copy (imdb, trailer, full)
Documentary about copyright and culture in the context of Internet, peer-to-peer file sharing and other technological advances.

Steal This Film II (imdb, full)
Steal This Film is a film series documenting the movement against intellectual property. Part II "examines the technological and enforcement end of the copyright wars, and on the way that using the internet makes you a copier, and how copying puts you in legal jeopardy."

Steal This Film (imdb, trailer, full)
Steal This Film is a film series documenting the movement against intellectual property. Part One combines accounts from prominent players in the Swedish piracy culture (The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån, and the Pirate Party) with found material, propaganda-like slogans and Vox Pops.

BBS: The Documentary (imdb, trailer, part 1)

Through eight episodes, director Jason Scott covers the 25 year history of the Dial-Up Bulletin Board System, a modem-connected computer system that let others connect to a computer over a phone line and leave messages and trade files. Containing 200 interviews, episodes mostly consist of elaborate montages of dozens of people composing a narrative.

And You Don't Stop: 30 Years of Hip-Hop (imdb, part 1)
The film documents the development of hip hop culture since its inception in the 1970s.

Beat This!: A Hip Hop History (imdb, part 1)
1984 BBC documentary film about hip-hop culture, directed by Dick Fontaine.

B) Anti-piracy campaigns

The cultural industry reacts in various ways on the perceived threats of disruption to it's distribution model. Anti-piracy campaigns are one of the ways how they are trying to (dis)inform the public about the intellectual property laws. If you are interested in this topic the research by Annemarie Bridy, Majid Yar and Tarleton Gillespie is a good starting point in the analysis of the anti-piracy campaign discourse.

You make the movies: Lord of the Rings, The Life of Brian, Jaws
Don't copy that 2 (SIIA - Software & Information Industry Association)

Knock-off Nigel pt.2 (UK)

Knock-off Nigel (UK)

Just a DVD? Think again (FACT - Federation Against Copyright Theft)
The Market (FACT - Federation Against Copyright Theft)

Don't touch the hot stuff (FACT - Federation Against Copyright Theft)
You wouldn't steal a.../Piracy it's a crime (Motion Picture Association) (Know your meme)
Who makes movies? (MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America)

A.I.M. Anti-piracy (UK) (Association of Independent Music)

Don't copy that floppy (SIIA - Software & Information Industry Association)

Beware of the illegal video cassettes (FACT - Federation Against Copyright Theft)

Source: Video nasties gallery: 15 years of anti-piracy warnings. In: Guardian, 2009-04-08.

C) Media representations of copyright infringement in the movies and tv.

This part is quite undeveloped so I welcome all suggestions. Also if there are just some short but worthwhile mentions/references of the topic a time-stamp would be ideal.

The IT Crowd s02e03: Moss and the German (clip)
Parody of the You wouldn't steal a... anti-piracy video.

(Welcome To) Teh Scene (parody) (part 1)
Close to the initial release of "The Scene," a spin-off parody called "Teh Scene" was released on the Internet. It imitated the format of the original series and overtly criticised it for its possible connections with anti-piracy groups (and Sony sponsorship in general).

(Welcome to) The Scene (wiki, episode 1)
The Scene was a miniseries created by Jun Group Entertainment. This first-of-its-kind film was targeted to peer-to-peer (P2P) users, both in distribution, subject and style.

South Park s07e09: Christian Rock Hard (imdb, wiki, full)

In the episode, the kids start a rock band, but concerned with the fact that people will potentially download their music from the Internet illegally, they refuse to play.


I am also thinking of creating a bibliography for monographs and research articles on this topic, but that is a bit more challenging task which would probably need a more complex solution than simple list - for instance something like Danah Boyd is doing for Research on Social Networks (but probably with more complex categorization).


Version 0.1, 7th July 2013


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